Diversity Health Services is dedicated to working with children with autism and related condition developmental disability and their families to improve and empower develop skills and to create connections and still confidence. Our goal to provide ABA Therapy is rooted in research and result. Our vision and mission are to improve and empower to change lives.

Our Passion

We are passionate about what we are working on because it’s important for us to provide the best service to the family we serve. We create a positive environment for children, families, and our employees.

Our Services (ABA)

Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment programs are highly personalized, research-based, and data-driven. Our ABA programs result in both behavioral and developmental gains for the children we serve.


We are working hard to advocates, working to ensure that the children we serve have access to the highest quality treatment, to improve their educational level.

Our Partners

We partner with families, healthcare providers, social service agencies, community organizations, schools, and support groups to create a better world for children with autism.